COVID-19 Vaccination Information

Covid 19 updates

Vaccinating children and young people:

Please find below some virtual resources for information on the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

  • Please click here to see the Government website outlining recommended training to support staff to undertake COVID-19 Vaccination training
  • Please click here to see the PHE guidance on COVID-19: vaccinator training recommendations
  • e-LfH COVID-19 Vaccination training e-learning programme click here
  • For staff who are new to the e-LfH portal click here for the initial registration page
  • Basic Life Support e-learning module click here
  • Anaphylaxis e-learning module click here
  • Please click here to view the Green Book Coronavirus Chapter 14a (Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination information for public health professionals)
  • COVID-19: Vaccinator Competency Assessment Tool click here
  • FAQs

Please visit the Government website above regularly for updates.

HEE e-LfH seeks feedback on Coronavirus programme

HEE e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH) has created ten surveys to gather feedback from users on its Coronavirus e-learning programme. The programme launched in March 2020 and is freely available to all colleagues working in the NHS, independent sector and social care. The surveys are aimed at all health and care professionals and take just five minutes to complete:  

The South East Making Every Contact Count & Vaccine Uptake group* have produced 2 resources to support anyone who may be talking with others about having the Covid-19 vaccine (e.g. frontline practitioners, volunteers, community and faith leaders, Covid-19 champions):


Resource 1:               Talking about having the Covid-19 vaccine video (10mins)

A training video to support asking the right questions, keeping the conversation person-centred and focused on the benefits and motivation of having the vaccine. It draws upon skills developed in Making Every Contact Count training.


Resource 2:               Talking about the Covid-19 Vaccine signposting resource

Useful links to information to help you when talking about having the COVID-19 vaccine.  The links are grouped into sections to make it easier to find the relevant information for different conversations.  Sections include: About vaccines; Effectiveness of vaccines; Faith and Covid-19 information; Other languages; and a lot more.  


The resources can be found on the HEE page by clicking here.