Immunisation and Vaccination

Covid-19 Vaccination

(Virtual) face to face 1.5 hours
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Influenza & Covid Update

The Immunisation and Vaccination Update provides an annual update of current practice in relation to the immunisation schedules in primary care using PHE information.

This course is not suitable as a foundation training and is only an update and does not cover anaphylaxis or basic life support. This must be completed separately.

This course is for Clinical Experienced Vaccinators, those who have already been vaccinating and does not include non-clinical Covid only Vaccinators.

9:30 – 12:30

  • 25th Jan
  • 22nd June
  • 13th July
  • 3rd August
  • 7th Sept
  • 12th Oct
Covid-19 Vaccination

Guidance & e-Learning

Government Website

Please click here to see the Government website outlining recommended training to support staff to undertake COVID-19 Vaccination training

Public Health England Guidance

e-LFH Training

e-LfH COVID-19 Vaccination training e-learning programme

For staff who are new to the e-LfH portal click here for the initial registration page

The Green Book

The Green Book Coronavirus Chapter 14a 

(Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination information for public health professionals)

Frequently Asked Questions

This document provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions around coronavirus and the COVID-19 vaccine for a general public audience 


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