COVID-19 Resources

In response to the current COVID-19 crisis, we have created these pages to provide up-to-date information, educational and training resourceshealth and wellbeing as well as digital support resources.

If you are a medical professional wanting to return to work during this crisis, see here.

If you are looking to volunteer and support the NHS, please see here.

Useful Links

HEE have created a COVID-19 update webpage that provides guidance and information which applies to all students and trainees. This webpage also includes HEE COVID-19 surge guidance. 

To keep up to date with plans for medical training recovery, visit HEE COVID-19 webpages.

Health Education England have compiled a list of COVID-19 resources for primary care, including online courses, useful links and local contacts. Their complete list of COVID-19 resources can be found here.

The General Medical Council has dedicated a page to Coronavirus information and advice. They provide guidance for doctors, trainees, medical students, responsible officers and patients, as well as information regarding temporary and provisional registration.

NHS England offers COVID-related guidance for clinicians and NHS Managers here. There are dedicated pages for Primary Care and General Practice. The latter provides updates, guidance and Standard Operating Procedures for managing COVID-19 in general practice.

BMA are offering a number of resources on their COVID pages, including a toolkit for GPs and GP practices, guidance for returning doctors and volunteers and health and wellbeing support.

You can find the latest government coronavirus guidance here. Guidance for healthcare professionals can be found here.