Process to apply for funding for NMP Module

  1. Contact your Locality Lead, who will advise you on your next steps for the Numeracy assessment (CCG) and application form
  2. Staff member to ensure practice support is in place and to send in the initial email to your Locality Lead.
    Email to include;
    a) How the practice will support you
    b) What benefits it would bring to the organisation
  3. Complete the numeracy assessment (sent by CCG)
  4. Complete application form with the anticipated start date and university of choice
  5. Once numeracy assessment and application is complete and signed, please send it to your chosen University and CC in [email protected] who will then confirm financial sponsorship

Please note, no fees should be paid by employer or staff member as the Lancashire and South Cumbria Training Hub will process directly.

If you have any further questions, please contact your locality lead.