Allied Health Professionals

The Allied Health Professions (AHPs) are the third largest workforce in the NHS. In the main they are degree level professions, and are professionally autonomous practitioners. 13 of the 14 AHPs are regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) with Osteopaths regulated by the General Osteopathic Council (GOC).AHPs provide system-wide care to assess, treat, diagnose and discharge patients across social care, housing, education, and independent and voluntary sectors. Through adopting an holistic approach to healthcare, AHPs are able to help manage patients’ care throughout the life course from birth to palliative care. Their focus is on prevention and improvement of health and wellbeing to maximise the potential for individuals to live full and active lives within their family circles, social networks, education/training and the workplace.

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The Annual Nurse and Allied Health Professionals Conference will take place on the 2 July 2024 at UCLan. Register here!

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National AHP Preceptorship and Foundation Support Newsletter

See the first edition of HEE monthly  National AHP Preceptorship and Foundation Support Programme. newsletter.
The purpose of this newsletter is to provide regular updates to interested stakeholders about our programme of work. This includes, but is not limited to, future events such as workshops and webinars, sharing best practice examples, and progress of our programme outputs. 

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AHP Implementation guidance for Primary Care

The dedicated link which includes the job description worked on with each professional body can be found here.

The guidance includes:

  • Employment options within the DES ARRS
  • example job descriptions
  • potential areas of focus for the professions in relation to
  • Training requirements and expected skill sets aligned to the publications from Health Education England including Profession specific roadmaps
Guide for late career AHPs supporting students in practice-based learning

HEE has produced a guide to address the challenges identified in growing additional practice-based learning capacity across health and social care systems and private, voluntary and independent organisations by supporting employers to offer flexibility to those staff that are considering retirement or would like a change in career direction before leaving the health service. Access the guide here.

AHP’s Day and the Chief Allied Health Professions Officer (CAHPO) awards

Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) will be celebrating their annual day on 14 October. This is an opportunity for AHPs to come together and celebrate being part of the AHP family. Get started with planning for AHPs’ Day by joining the newly established AHPs’ Day network. Email [email protected] to request access.                                                                                                           The CAHPO awards ceremony will be taking place on the evening before AHP’s Day. This year, we received almost 300 nominations demonstrating our colleagues’ impact and their fantastic work. Join us on 13 October.  

Consultation Skills

Welcome to the new home of Teaching and Learning Consultation Skills (TALC Skills) and Healthy English:

TALC Skills covers all aspects of consulting with a patient, whether you are a GP or another healthcare professional, and aims to make consultations more enjoyable and more efficient.

These valuable free resources can be used independently by anyone who wants to learn or improve their consultation skills – or by educators. TALC Skills is an RCGP award-winner and its popular podcast has already received more than 28,000 downloads.

Healthy English has been developed to help everyone who works with patients become a better user of English. It addresses the language and communication needs of international health and care staff, their trainers and colleagues working in the UK.

Access to both of these resources is free of charge to NHS people and organisations.

Sign up and join hundreds of other colleagues across the country who are using this trending new resource. 

HEE's Routes into AHP

Check out HEE’s Routes into AHP Careers animation here!

Find out more about HEE’s offer to AHPs via their two page guide and also progress last year with our 2019/20 infographic.

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