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This practical, participative virtual masterclass invites you to consider how we model collaborative, inclusive leadership in the current context of pressing demands, remote working and the emotional roller-coaster of the pandemic.

The masterclass will cover:

  • How do we model collaborative, inclusive leadership behaviour in the current context?
  • How do we create and sustain a climate of psychological safety in our virtual work?

How do we keep and embed a sense of connection amongst our colleagues when we’re working remotely?


As we all deal with the emotional rollercoaster of Covid19, our teamwork needs to nimbly adapt to our new context, relying on more frequent remote working. Keeping the emotional and human connection at the heart of our teams is crucial when many of us have been relating as ‘faces on screens’ for many months.

This interactive masterclass offers you a safe learning space to:

  • Pause to reflect on how you’re doing in your teams – not just what you’re doing.
  • Recognise and review how your teams are responding to current pressures.
  • Learn ways to enhance your remote team-working, on screen and off

Embed human and emotional connection into your team-working, to underpin your joint work.

As we all deal with the emotional rollercoaster of Covid19, being compassionate at work is more important than ever. Yet in the face of current pressures, this can be easier said than done. Under such pressure, we need kindness and human connection more than ever.

. This interactive masterclass offers you a safe learning space to:

  • Understand why and how compassion can wane in our virtual working relationships.
  • Apply practical tools to enhance your own compassionate leadership practice.

Explore how to model compassionate leadership.

This workshop is for managers undergoing and supporting staff through change programmes. The content explores the merits of different approaches to implementing change and an understanding of the role and skills of an effective change agent.

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  • Looking after you too: Coaching support for Primary Care staff

Individual coaching support is available with a highly skilled and experienced coach. Available to all staff working in the delivery of primary care services.

Email: [email protected]


Improvement Fundamentals

Are you:

  • Working in, or with, health or social care?
  • Enthusiastic about making things work better in your local service?
  • Keen to put your improvement ideas into practice, but not sure how?
  • Eager to hear from colleagues across the country with the same concerns?
  • Looking for free, bite-sized Quality Improvement training that you can access at your desk or on the go?

If so, the Improvement Fundamentals learning programme could be for you.

Improvement Fundamentals is a programme of online, self-directed mini-courses in quality improvement (QI) for those involved in heath or social care services.


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