Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS)

Additional Roles in Primary Care

The GP contract for 2019/2020 introduced the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme with further enhancements for 2020/2021 – 2022/2023. – 2023/2024

This scheme is funding an unprecedented growth in the workforce and will introduce new roles into Primary Care. It offers a real opportunity to shape the future and recruit, train, develop and integrate a workforce that will be flexible, adaptable and competent to deliver models of care that improve health outcomes for patients.

Information about the additional roles is often changing, and we know that can be difficult to navigate. We are a dedicated team that can offer advice and support to our PCNs. You will find useful information and resources available on our webpages. These pages are currently undergoing development as we aim to share the most up to date and useful information for PCNs.

More general information on the workforce expansion can be found on the NHS website 

Explaining the Additional Roles: Animations to support PCNs

These animations from NHS East of England can help explain to both the wider workforce, and the general public visiting surgeries what the new roles inprimary care are, and how they can expect to see them in practice.

To contact the PCN Workforce Development Manager for your area:

Morecambe Bay 

Laura -Jane Lloyd [email protected]

Zainab Rawat [email protected]

Pennine Lancashire

Clair Ormrod [email protected]

Central Lancashire & West

Fiona Gray [email protected]

Fylde Coast

Laura -Jane Lloyd [email protected]

Zainab Rawat [email protected]

ARRS FAQs Advanced Practice May 2023 updated final

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