Mentorship and Coaching

This page gives an overview of Mentorship and Coaching Programmes for NHS Primary Care staff, including the Supporting Mentors Scheme for GPs, Nurses and Physician Associates.

Please note this page is for clinical Mentorship programmes only. For information on our non-clinical mentorship programme, please visit our non-clinical webpage.

Mentorship and Coaching Schemes

What's happening

For General Practitioners and Nurses

For General Practitioners (GPs) and General Practice Nurses (GPNs)

ILM3 Coaching Training is provided.

Please submit the above application forms to your locality lead. If you are unsure who your locality lead is, please email [email protected]

For Non-Clinical Staff

For Admin and Clerical Staff

We are currently not accepting further applications for Mentor/Coaches.

If you are interested in joining our waiting list, please do contact us on [email protected].
We will be in touch if the programme does expand.

We do have availability if you wish to receive coaching. Please see our Non-Clinical webpage (See Coaching).

View or download the PDF Mentor-Coach Handbook here.

For information on the NTP Fellowship, visit our New to Practice Fellowship page here.

What's happening

Further Resources & Opportunities

Please find useful updates, information and resources below 

NHS Leadership Academy

The NHS North West Leadership Academy (NHS NWLA) Coaching and Mentoring Schemes support a North West Regional Champions Network who are aligned to deliver training within their organisation, support coaching and mentoring strategy across the North West and work with us to agilely deploy resources and speak with a credible experience and impact around the ongoing desire for greater inclusivity. 

Find our more on NWLA’s Coaching and Mentoring opportunities here.

Contact NWLA if you would like to find out more about joining their Champions Network.

Meet Our Team

Yvonne Thomson

Programme Manager

Kay Turner


Victoria Johnston

Legacy Mentor (Preceptorships)


Lorna Laflin

Non-Clinical Lead Mentor

Derren Bailey

Lead Mentor & ILM Trainer

Yvonne Thomson

RGN Lead Mentor (GPN)

Fareeha Faisal

GP Lead Mentor

Contact us on [email protected]