Social Care Nurses and Nurse Associates

Clinical Skills Training

Face to face training for Nurses in social care:


  • To be able to assess the need for catheterisation
  • To ensure the practitioner is competent to catheterise a male and/or female patient urethrally by either an indwelling catheter or an intermittent catheter.
  • Be aware of the different types of catheters available and which catheter to choose
  • Improved knowledge of catheter maintenance solutions
  • The importance of reducing infections in line with Saving Lives/Essential Steps documents from the DoH
  • Manage a catheter in the hospital and/or a community setting
  • Identify legal requirements e.g. documentation & consent

April 18th 2024 – Preston, Central – Fully Booked

May 24th 2024 – Lancaster – Book here

June 5th 2024 – West Lancs – Book here

June 12th 2024 – Burnley, Pennine – Book here

July 11th 2024 – Venue TBC

Tracheostomy Care

  • What is a tracheostomy?
  • Why they are performed
  • Common complications
  • Emergency procedures
  • How to care for a patient with a tracheostomy
  • Practical session on how to suction a tracheostomy

To become competent in the skill you need to complete e-learning training on e-learning for health: Tracheostomy Safety by following the link

March 13th 2024 – Burnley, Pennine – Book Here

July 11th 2024 – Venue TBC

Tissue Viability

  • To provide awareness of the management and prevention of moisture associated tissue damage and pressure ulceration.
  • What is Moisture Associated Tissue Damage?
  • Awareness of Management & Prevention Pathway
  • Product availability and when to use.
  • What is a Pressure Ulcer?
  • ASSKINg Bundle
  • Intentional Rounding and Skin Assessment
  • Contributing factors to Pressure ulceration formation
  • Categorisation of pressure ulceration

May 24th 2024 – Lancaster – Book here

Venepuncture Training

This venepuncture training course is aimed at Social Care staff, specifically registered nurses, carers and support workers who’s role include taking bloods.

This is ideal for staff who are looking to improve their skills in venepuncture.

The Venepuncture Training will aim to improve the students’ knowledge of the theory surrounding venepuncture including: the correct order of draw, the anatomy of veins and how to select a suitable site – allow students to practice using a synthetic arm.

If you have any questions regarding this event please email our inbox [email protected]

April 18th 2024 – Preston, Central – Fully Booked

June 5th 2024 – West Lancs – Book here

June 12th 2024 – Burnley, Pennine – Book here

Lancashire and South Cumbria Social Care Nursing Advisory Council

Lancashire and South Cumbria Social Care Nursing Advisory Council

LSC Chair: Jane Green, RN ASC

The purpose of the Adult Social Care Nursing Advisory Council is to act as a platform for representatives of the Adult Social Care Sector to collaborate and raise the profile of nursing in social care, support future workforce development, explore solutions to the cores challenges and identify opportunities. The ASCNAC will work with the ICB Chief Nurse and ADASS Workforce Transformation and other partners across the ICS as an expert reference group that will support the growth and development of the workforce across the sector and promote quality improvement.

The launch of social care nursing advisory councils across England was an exciting moment for our profession. These forums now act as touchstones for every ICB (Integrated Care Board) nurse, making sure social care nursing and the wider workforce are included in the development of nursing plans across all health and care settings. These peer advisory groups bring a wealth of experience, insight and expertise to the table, better informing the development of nursing practice, system-wide.” Prof Deborah Sturdy, Chief Nurse for Adult Social

For further information on the Outstanding Society visit

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Social Care Registered Nurse Forum/Community of Practice

Exclusively for Registered Nurses across Lancashire & South Cumbria.

Do you want to keep updated with local and national health and care developments?

Would you like to be kept informed about training and development opportunities informed about training and development opportunities?

Would you like to meet colleagues and nurse leaders, have a safe space to raise issues, share your views and hear about best practice?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then the Social Care Nurses forum is for you.

With regular keynote speakers along with networking opportunities, this forum is exclusively for Registered Nurses in the Lancashire and South Cumbria regions.


15th May 2024 12.30- 2pm via Teams to register Click Here


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