Process to apply for funded Independent Prescribing courses


Independent / Non-Medical Prescribing

For all staff (Pharmacists see process at the bottom of this page)

Please note Independent Prescribing (IP) is also referred to as Non-Medical Prescribing (NMP)

Apply for Funding - EOI Forms

Applying for Funding? Please complete the below, locality specific, expression of interest form:

  • Morecambe Bay – here
  • Fylde Coast – here
  • West Lancs – here
  • Pennine Lancs – here
  • Grtr Preston – here
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Useful information

Expression of Interest Forms

Applying for funding?  Please complete the below, locality-specific expression of interest form ensuring you have practice support in order to undertake NMP training:

As a reminder course duration is equivalent to 26 days theory and 12 days/ 90 hours of supervised practice.

  • Morecambe Bay – here
  • Fylde Coast – here
  • West Lancs – here
  • Pennine Lancs – here
  • Grtr Preston – here

Higher Education Institutes

Applicants are reminded that it can take up to two months for the ICB to process their application and HEI cohorts fill up fast, therefore, it is best to apply early to avoid disappointment.
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Updates and Videos

Designated Prescribing Practitioner (DPP)

A DPP is a healthcare professional in Great Britain or Northern Ireland with legal independent prescribing rights (an annotation or automatic right to prescribe) who will mentor and supervise the pharmacist during the period of learning in practice.

We would advise you to consider who you might be able to approach locally. For example, do you have a good working relationship with a local GP/primary care network (PCN)/hospital trust who would be prepared to support you?

DPPs must be an active prescriber with at least 3 years experience – as good practice, we recommend that this is either your lead prescriber in practice or an experienced GP.

You may be able to obtain further advice or support from colleagues who are prescribers, the community pharmacist lead for your Primary Care Network (PCN) or your local Primary Care Training Hub.

Find the RPS Competency Frameword for Designated Prescribing Practitioners (DPP) here.

International Applicants

For international applicants who not registered with the NMC and undertaken undergraduate nursing/midwifery training abroad and now reside in the UK – all applications are via the NMC website.

The link to the NMC site to check eligibility is here: Register as a nurse or midwife if you trained outside the UK – The Nursing and Midwifery Council (

ICB NMP Webinar Resources & Recordings

We hosted an NMP Webinar, alongside the ICB, on Wed 15th June 2023. This webinar, presented the policy, details on how to apply for NMP and the funding available.
You can view the slideset from this webinar here. 


GPhC Council agrees changes to the requirements for entry to independent prescribing courses. The changes will allow pharmacists to begin an independent prescriber course when they have the relevant experience and awareness. Find out more here

Process to apply for funded Independent Prescribing courses


Independent Prescribing training is available to pharmacists who meet the eligibility criteria. Tuition fees are fully funded by Health Education England (HEE).
Pharmacists that are successful in applying to one of the approved universities will be allocated a fully funded place directly by the university. They do not need to apply to HEE for funding separately.

Pharmacist's eligibility criteria:

  1. Community pharmacists (including locum pharmacists); Pharmacists employed in General Practice (who are not eligible for, or enrolled on, the Primary Care Pharmacy Education Programme (PCPEP) and those who are working to provide primary care services (e.g., working in primary care) who are not employed in ARRS roles); and Health and Justice pharmacists
  2. Pharmacists enrolled on CPPE’s Primary Care Pharmacy Education Pathway (PCPEP) and meet the PCPEP criteria to enrol on an Independent Prescribing Course
  3. Pharmacists working in an NHS Hospital Trust or Mental Health Trust (NHS managed sector); pharmacists working in an integrated care board, ICB (previously CCG pharmacists)

Please note that you will need to demonstrate (as a minimum):

  • The support of an identified designated prescribing practitioner (DPP).
  • An appropriate practice-based learning environment in a prescribing setting that can offer appropriate clinical support.
  • Evidence that you meet the course provider eligibility criteria (applicants will be subject to their chosen university’s enrolment processes).
  • Commitment to use the skill within your area of competence and expertise, for the delivery of NHS clinical services as they emerge.

Preparing to train as an independent prescriber e-course

This e-course is scheduled to launch on 12 Sept. You can find information about it on the CPPE websiteIts aim is to help pharmacists prepare an application and prepare for prescribing training by helping them to understand what it means to be a prescriber, considerations when choosing a course, how they can demonstrate relevant knowledge and skills and plan for the study and supervised practice requirements of the course. You can register your interest in advance of the launch date, to be added to the waiting list.

Please contact [email protected] or [email protected] if you have any questions.

How to apply?

University providers are now taking applications. Don’t miss out – check your eligibility and apply now.

If you would like to be added to our distribution list for future information, please register your interest.

You can find out start dates, approved suppliers and more on the HEE page here.

Visit the HEE page for more information and FAQs.
Contact [email protected].

Royal Pharmaceutical Society Competency Frameworks: