First Contact Practitioners (FCP)


FCP Taught Modules

Various Higher Education Institutes are offering fully funded FCP training.
For further information, please contact the relevant HEI below as they have differing acceptance criteria.


All FCPs – Cohorts will be multi-professional 

When applying, please ensure you sign and date section A of the funding section.
See below example:

All FCPs – cohort will be mixed but with some separate profession specific teaching sessions

  • To apply visit their website
  • Remote + face to face (can have a gap between stage 1+2)
  • Duration: 12 months
  • 60 credits
  • Credit Transfer to MSc ACP: 40

Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Dietitians, Paramedics

Paramedic and Physiotherapist (MSK) Specific


  • To apply visit their website
    In the funding section, please insert “L&SC Training Hub and NHSE funding required”.
  • Remote
  • Duration: 12 months
  • 60 credits
  • Credit Transfer to MSc
  • ACP: 40

See flyer here: UoC FCP Flyer Final

See FAQs here: FCP FAQ UoC Final


Paramedics and Physiotherapists

When applying, within the fee section question ‘please specify’, please state NHSE. This will prevent an invoice being raised.


See FAQs here:


*All the above HEI’s are also commissioned to offer the E-supported portfolio route to the assigned profession. All you need to do is apply to your chosen HEI and complete their Learning Needs Analysis form. From here they will determine if you need to do the FCP module or the E-supported portfolio route. Transfer of credits to an MSc ACP programme has only been confirmed for transfer to the MSc ACP within that HEI. Transfer of credits to another HEI will need to be discussed with the HEI on an individual basis.

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FCP Forum

Hosted by Phil Driver, our Primary Care Clinical Advisor (Physiotherapy).

To join the forum and be added to our distribution list, please email [email protected].

What's happening

Resources & Videos

Please find useful updates, information and resources below 

First Contact Practitioners (FCPs) are a vital part of the wider primary care multi-disciplinary team.

new toolkit brings together the essential resources to support the development and integration of FCP roles into the wider system. It provides quick links to relevant sources that cover all aspects of FCP roles from planning and implementing, through to demonstrating effectiveness and impact.

The CQC GP mythbuster 106: Primary care first contact practitioners (FCPs) has now been published supporting the Health Education England Roadmaps to practice for the five AHP professions (Physiotherapists, OTs, Dietitians, Podiatrists and Paramedics) moving into primary care to be proof of capability.

Within the document, the CQC outline their expectations regarding training, clinical supervision, job plans, induction, complaints and significant events and safe employment for FCPs. An FCP is any AHP clinician in primary care who is required to work at masters level clinically (clinically advanced).

FCP Expectations

See below Expectations of FCP Roles including; Physiotherapists, Physician Associates, Paramedics, Mental Health Practitioners, Dieticians and Occupational Therapists.

You can view and download the full PDF with all roles included, or you can download individual roles.

You can download the full PDF with all roles included, or you can download individual roles below.


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