Asthma (Children and Young People)

On this page you will find Asthma focused training, events, updates and links to resources.  

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What's happening

Asthma Training

(Children and Young People)

Asthma Educational Sessions

Introducing the National Bundle of Asthma Care for CYP (children and young people).

Hosted by Claire Utterly (Senior Specialist Asthma Nurse Practitioner for Children and Young People) and Georgina Foulds (Specialist Asthma Nurse Practitioner for Children and Young People).

Facilitated on MS Teams.
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It is assumed that for healthcare professionals undertaking the training they will already have appropriate training and skills relevant in the care of children and young people. These courses are to provide additional training specifically relating to asthma and should sit alongside appropriate frameworks of training, supervision and mentoring as required.

Visit the e-fhl website to see all Tiers of eLearning you can complete.


Meet Our Team

Claire Uttley

Senior Specialist Asthma Nurse Practitioner

Georgina Foulds

Specialist Asthma Nurse Practitioner