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People Professional

22 months
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Those who wish to develop their knowledge, skills and behaviours to provide human resources (HR) expertise. This programme offers a deeper understanding of HR within the context of an organisation, while exploring the management of relationships, systems and processes. Apprentices will learn how to develop talent and build successful teams within the limitations of legislation and professional business practice.
Level 5 Higher People Professional Apprenticeship award and CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma in People Management Optional NHS Leadership Academy Edward Jenner learning and award.
Programme Cost


Apprenticeships are paid using employer levy. Levy Paying Employers and Non-Levy Paying Employers, please read our Tuition and Apprenticeship Service Account Guide for more information and instructions.

There are no additional costs for the optional NHSLA Edward Jenner award.

Additional Funding
For all Employers:
  • If apprentice is under the age of 25, Employer may not have to pay Class 1 Employer National Insurance. Full details and criteria are found here. 
  • For apprenticeships starting between 1 August 2024 - 31 July 2025, employer may be eligible for £1,000 if apprentice is aged 16 - 18 years old, OR aged 19 - 24 years old and has either an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan provided by their local authority and / or has been in the care of their local authority. Full details and criteria are found within the ESFA Funding Rules.
Start Date
Intakes twice a year
Teaching Delivery
Key Learning Requirements

Apprenticeships require learners to achieve specific new knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs), which are detailed in the Apprenticeship Standard. These are acheived by;

1) Programme Teaching; via virtual webinars and online materials and resources. The programme includes virtual classroom sessions aimed at interactive activity and reflection with peers, alongside developmental workshops aimed at improving the skills developed in a practical way. BPP’s Virtual Learning Environment includes video content, e-text books, case studies and other learning resources. Apprentices will be allocated a BPP qualified and experienced professional to operate as a mentor throughout the programme. They will provide meaningful feedback on individual practice whilst helping to reflect on strengths and development areas to improve the overall capability and performance. There are six weekly telephone or video calls with a BPP Coach who will help apprentice to consider how their learning has been applied and to agree development objectives. If learners choose to undertake the optional NHS Leadership Academy Edward Jenner programme this may require additional learning time alongside the apprenticeship, clarification will be provided by the training provider.
2) Independent study; such as assignment/project research and write up. Self-study prepares apprentices for expert discussion within class whilst setting objectives to apply learning in the workplace, retrospectively encouraging reflection for further development and improvement.
3) Learning in the workplace; shadowing colleagues, completing programme assigned work based projects, day-to-day development within your current role duties/work activities, reflections with mentor, relevant training sessions.
This programme has fixed module delivery (you are unable to choose the modules studied). A list of modules is available on the course webpage or course materials.
This programme does not require external placements to be completed, although varied experiences are beneficial.
Apprentices will be assessed throughout the programme by assignments, observations, evaluations, work-based learning modules and End Point Assessment. There may be a short additional exam for the Edward Jenner award. Further details will be provided by the training provider at application stage.
Key Candidate Entry Requirements
• Employed 30 hours or more per week for the duration of the apprenticeship. The apprenticeship duration may be extended to support staff who work less than this (will be looked at on individual basis)
• Preferably, evidence of English and Maths at GCSE C/4 or above /Functional Skills Level 2 / Equivalent. (If the candidate does not have evidence of Maths and English at the relevant level, there are two options;
1. via HEE funded online revision and exams. Contact Training Hub Apprenticeship Team for more details.
2. Or, Training Provider will support the learner through the relevant learning and exams, alongside their apprenticeship. An initial diagnostic assessment will be completed by the Training Provider at application stage to determine suitability for this option)
Full requirements and details are found on the course webpage/information.
Key Employer Entry Requirements
• Ensure Learner has the support and opportunities to achieve the requirements of the apprenticeship.
• Line Manager to mentor the apprentice.
Application Timescale
It takes on average 2 – 3 months to complete all application stages for this programme.
If recruiting to this position, additional time will be required for recruitment and advertising stages.
Additional Training Hub Support
Primary Care Employees:
• Have access to all resources provided by the L&SCPC Training Hub such as Digital training, Health and Wellbeing support and events.
• Non-clinical Training and Resources: this webpage lists training and resources for non-clinical roles, which may compliment the apprenticeship (always check suitability with your apprenticeship training provider) 
Social Care Employees:
Have access to all resources provided by the L&SCSC Training Hub such as training, Health and Wellbeing support and events.
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How to Apply

If you would like to discuss or apply for an apprenticeship either for yourself, a member of staff or a vacancy for a new recruit, please complete the appropriate Training Hub Expression of Interest Form from the following options. This allows the apprenticeship team to complete basic pre-checks and to ensure the advice and guidance provided to you is tailored to your service. When relevant, application instructions (including tuition fee and funding instructions) will be sent.

Primary Care Online Expression of Interest Form. If you would like to discuss anything first, please email [email protected] or call Olivia on 07735161775

Social Care Online Expression of Interest Form. If you would like to discuss anything first, please email [email protected] or call Dawn on 07796 060023