Social Care Placements

Learner Feedback

Elmsfield HouseJuly 2023 

“As I was the first student for this placement they adapted very quickly and worked hard to ensure I was provided a great learning environment with lots of support and opportunity’s to learn. Elmsfield thrives of the ethical principal they believe in to provide person centred care, this was amazing to see and taught myself a lot about holistic care. the environment was excellent for both the residence and for myself and has given me real insight as to the future I want to achieve in the future. I have gained so many leaning experiences in both physical and mental health whilst working with the most amazing team. the manager and assistant manager were amazing and helpful ensuring I was up to date with training, policies and my health in general. I learnt from many experienced mental and physical nurses who enhanced my learning greater. Finally my mentor was exceptional during my time at Elmsfield setting SMART goals from the start. I had a clear plan from the start and he prioritised my learning when possible. He pushed me in a positive way to get involved in physical health and engage in further learning. He also worked around my health and provided plenty of help. The whole experience was absolutely amazing and considering they have never had a student it was a great learning environment.

St John’s Hospice – Student Feedback – July 2023 

“This placement has been amazing. The staff are amazing and are so helpful and really know how to support students on their placement here. The hospice is an amazing and caring place with individuals who care a lot about their profession and that is something I will take with me onto my next few placements” 

Cornmill Nursing Home – Student Feedback February – March 2023

“I can honestly say this was one of the best placements that I have had in my 3 years. The nursing staff are amazing and so supportive make sure you are comfortable and ensure your learning. Matron and Deputy Matron are absolutely fantastic so supportive and make sure you get all opportunities to learn and go out of their way to ensure your learning. I cannot thank the Cornmill staff enough I have loved every minute and I would love to come back as a staff nurse”

St Catherine’s Hospice – Student Feedback April 2023

“Throughout my time with you, I have witnessed first-hand the tremendous care and compassion that you provide to your patients and their families. Your ability to create a peaceful and comforting environment for those in your care is truly inspiring, and I have learned so much from observing your interactions with patients and their loved ones.”

“I would also like to thank you for the time and effort you took to teach me, answer my questions and help me improve my skills. Your patience, feedback and encouragement have allowed me to grow as a nurse and have given me the confidence to provide the best possible care to my patients.”

“I will always cherish the memories of my time with you and the lessons I have learned, and I am confident that the skills and knowledge I have gained will serve me well in my future career.”

Bridgeway Care Home

“I do not feel for a first placement I could have got a better placement. I was welcomed and made to feel as part of the team straightaway. I was given a wide range of learning experiences as well as my skill set was added upon massively. My knowledge has increased significantly, and I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to attend this placement”

“The practice assessor was amazing, he is a fantastic nurse and he is more than willing to share his wealth of knowledge and expertise in this placement which benefited me enormously. He took the time to explain things in depth which allowed me to expand my knowledge greatly.”

“My practice assessor always made sure that I had plenty of opportunities to shadow him which allowed me to feel confident in any area that I worked”

Risedale – Abbey Meadow – St Lukes – Student Feedback February 2023 (one student)

“I was always treated with kindness, patience and respect.  I was always encouraged to be involved and learn and I was made to feel part of the team. I was supernumerary every shift, even when staffing levels were stretched, which meant I could take full advantage of learning opportunities when the arose”

“I am really satisfied with my placement. It has been prefect for me, as I have not had any experience in care or nursing before.  I have had an absolutely brilliant time and couldn’t have wished for a better first placement. I am really grateful for all the time people have taken to help me learn and progress as a student nurse and for all the opportunities I have been given. I have learnt so much and was really well supported. Thank you”

Risedale Aldingham – Student feedback February 2023

“My role as a student was recognised and valued I was always treated as supernumerary but at the same time I was never made to feel like I was “just a student”. Thank you”

“All the staff at Aldingham have been extremely welcoming and my practice assessor/supervisors have been consistent in providing me with learning opportunities.  Thank you!”

Sandy Banks Care Home

“This placement has been wonderful with both the staff and my practice assessor. They made me felt I am part of them from the beginning to the end.”

Willowbank Care Home

“I adored working at Willowbank for the 8 weeks allotted time. I learnt a lot of new things and engaged well with the staff and residents. I felt like a part of the team.”

St. Andrews House

“I witness staff having the time to care for and treat people in a person-centred way.”

“I think there are warm, positive relationships between Resident s and staff”

“When talking to residents I found out that they were strongly connected and happy to be at this place that they referred to as their home such that one disabled resident bragged that they had lived there for decades, and they knew the community very well.”

“The length of my placement that initially looked endless soon flew past such that I still miss the place and wouldn’t hesitate to join the team in future or recommend any prospective students or employees to be part of the team.”